David Tat Chow’s Full Circle Farm Burned Down


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On June 24th, 2012 David Tat Chow and those of us renting rooms on Full Circle Farm attempted to collect the property we still had on the farm during the time schedule with Anthony Vasquez, but cancelled at the last minute. This was after 12 days without being able to arrange an appointment, and only three days left to legally collect our property without consequences. Police arrived, informed us we were trespassing, but then allowed us to collect our property for ten more minutes. Given that participants of Occupy Sacramento have been helping occupy this farm and were involved with this incident, we documented it far better than the police.

More Background: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMNVl8U2LPs
Download The Video Below: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/Jun24-FullCircleFarm-Property_Police.divx

David’s bruise from punch:

That night, the beautiful main house of the farm, which Tat grew up in for almost 40 years, burnt to the ground…

Download The Video Below: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/Jun25-FullCircleFarm-Fire.divx

I truly cherished my months living and participating on Full Circle Farm, and I can’t wait to be back on a farm in a similar situation, growing organic, hopefully non-GMO fruits, veggies, and medicines. I did lose roughly two thirds of my material possessions in the fire, but it was all still worth it. I recommend everyone try living on a farm for some amount of time, as we must become far closer to the food we eat. It’s also much less risky when not trying to Occupy land being taken by US Bank and friends. Thank you so much for these experiences, Tat, and I’m so sorry for your losses. Much Love!

(collaborative shower mural)

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BUYERS BEWARE – Full Circle Farm Update, Sacramento, CA


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Here is an Immediate Need for Justice Reform Action
Alert Regarding — 7650 RESERVOIR ROAD SACRAMENTO CA. 95837-9313 — Warning!
by ~ Rev. A. Odeye

My name is: Rev Ashiya Odeye.
I am a Board member of the Sacramento chapter of the ACLU. I am Executive Director of the Justice Reform Coalition (JRC), a civil rights advocacy and citizens over site organization headquartered in Sacramento, California. The JRC was founded in 2005. I am Reverend Director of the Order of Olufunmi since 1976 I am also acting as a Private Attorney General for our organization and person of interest and intervener in this matter.

For over 37 years the Full Circle Farm (7650 Reservoir Road) has been home to the Chow family and a spiritual center for many people. The Farm’s Founder wanted it so. In his own words: “We the family of the Full Circle Farm have been growers and producers of an alternative to commercial food and culture in the true organic tradition…We care about the quality of life and want to see more than just sugar beets growing on farms.” His son David “Tat” Chow has kept this tradition.

The Farm is a 3.5 acre grove on Reservoir Road, off of Garden Highway, near the airport in Sacramento, California. The Farm sits next to and protects one of the last little natural creek areas in Sacramento County. It also sits next to an area of importance to the local Native American community’s history. It has been under constant attack because greedy people want the land. This includes the Airport authorities and the golf course next door.

David Chow vs U.S. Bank (34-2010-0091102), involves U.S. Bank, American Home Mortgage Service, Inc (AHMSI), BNC, and others, who colluded to commit fraud by filling fraudulent loan documents. Without the consent of the owner and trustee of the property, David Chow, they granted a loan to David’s ex a loan in one week, using the Farm property as collateral. His ex had no standing or permission to use the property for collateral. She then divorced Mr. Chow after using the money to rebuild her business. In the beginning when Mr. Chow tried to return the funds, he couldn’t because AHMSI said he was not on the note, he was not the borrower and they refused to speak with him.

Mr. Chow was forced to make payments on a loan he did not want or need. AHMSI engaged in criminal practices such as sending payments to a “suspense account” instead of applying those payments to the loan account, and refusing to deal with the owner-trustee because he “isn’t the borrower”, even though his property was being used as collateral for a loan he did not authorize or sign for. Then filing an illegal foreclosure on the property that was at the time one and a half months over paid. Then getting a relief from stay by influencing Mr. Chow’s bankruptcy attorney to not inform Mr. Chow of an exparte’ hearing and then not appear herself, which allowed U.S. Bank to get to get a default judgment, relief from stay. Robert Jackson and Associates was U.S. Bank’s second attorney on this matter and were the one’s who filed the unlawful detainer actions and had Rosenberg and link handle the case locally. You will find these law firms’ names on countless foreclosure and evictions by U.S. Bank and others.

Mr. Chow, In Pro Se, filled a civil suit and injunction for fraud against U.S. Bank, which they never responded to. Instead they filed an unlawful detainer actions against Mr. Chow. They were heard illegally in unlawful detainer court. Since there were allegations of fraud and other misconduct , and the unlawful detainer court is a limited scope court, according to its own rules, the cases should not have been heard there. Because of the limited scope of this Court the true issues at hand could not be addressed there and judgment was given to U.S. Bank even though the Court was informed of the civil suit filed by Mr. Chow which is still pending.

In January of 2012 U.S. Bank threatened the Farm with another eviction attempt. This eviction was from an unlawful detainer action filed by U.S. Bank attorney Robert Jackson and Associates who are known legal scoundrels. It appears they did multiple UD filings on the same matter using the new electronic filing system only for attorneys doing UD’s and didn’t serve us one of them. This is double jeopardy and is illegal. This is another area where the Court failed its due diligence.

12UD00600, filed on 1/19/12, is the one we were served, which we responded to on 2/8/12 and they never moved forward on. But they had also filed UD1200055 earlier on 1/3/12 , which we were not served. This is the one they filed and got their default on, on 2/21/12. In order to hide this crime, someone in the Sheriff’s Department had scheduled the eviction for 6am that following Sunday. Can you believe that. We filed an injunction, and when we went to serve the Sheriff, we were told that the Sheriff had pulled the eviction because the “writ was improper”. The injunction was later denied with leave to refile, because we didn’t have all the paperwork we needed to file with it. We plan to re-file the injunction.

U.S. Bank refiled the writ in March and rescheduled the eviction. But Mr. Chow filed a chapter 7 which stayed the eviction. The stay was lifted do to failure to file one document timely. This was purely an over sight on our part. We had served a copy of the injunction on the Bank’s attorneys, and we received a letter that they were no longer the proper place to serve the Bank.

A few weeks later a man, Anthony Vasquez, came by the Farm to say he had purchased the Farm from U.S. Bank for $70,000. Mr. Chow told him that the property was in litigation and had a lis pendence on it. Anthony said he had not been told this by the Bank, only that the property was occupied. He then insisted that he had a “clear” title to the property. He was told that he couldn’t have a clear title under the circumstances because the Bank did not own the property. Mr. Chow asked him to show him the paperwork he had and he said he would. Their paper work consist of robo-doc paperwork generated by out of state entities already charged with fraud.

Chicago Title issued a bogus “clean title” report which was filed with the County Recorder and a title was issued to Vasquez. This is part of the paperwork used to get Mr Chow evicted.

  • Vasquez was part of a dispensary closed down under suspicion of money laundering .
  • Vasquez used drug money to purchase the property.
  • Since the eviction the 11 residents of the Farm have not been allowed to get their property.
  • They have been threatened verbally and at gun and knife point.
  • Mr. Chow was assaulted by thugs at the Farm while trying to retrieve his property. They threatened his girlfriend who had just had a miscarriage the day after their eviction.
  • One of Vasquez’s cronies tried to hire some people to “rough up” Mr. Chow. Fortunately some of the folks asked were friends of Mr. Chow’s so it didn’t happen.
  • Vasquez and his cronies have ripped out old growth trees and many of the amenities which made the Farm what it was.
  • Now they have committed arson and burned down the main house on the property. The fire is under investigation now.
  • There is still a lis pendence on the property.
  • The State Attorney General’s office has been notified about this situation and the Sacramento District Attorney Real
  • Estate fraud division is being brought in.
  • The civil suit mentioned above is being amended to include Mr. Vasquez


We ask you not to support this criminal conspiracy and please tell everyone.


ღ✰ Rev. Ashiya Odeye 6/26/12 ✰ ೋღ



Beautiful Main House Of Full Circle Farm Burnt To The Ground


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Early Monday morning, the home Tat grew up in burnt to the ground. :`(

Sacramento County Recorder Passes The Buck, Full Circle Farm Still Evicted


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Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/Jun21-FullCircleFarm-CountyRecorder.divx

On June 13th, Full Circle Farm was evicted from it’s illegal foreclosure fight and organic community garden. The rightful owner, David “Tat” Chow, and his roommates are now homeless and were hoping for the best from a meeting called with the Sacramento County Recorder on June 22nd. For more background on our situation, please check out SaveFullCircleFarm.org.

Mr. Vasquez and crew, thank you for not letting most of our plants and animals die. But please stop ripping up and remodeling the farm like you’ve lived there your whole life. Looks like you’ve made your choices, have fun being on the wrong side of our lawsuit against U.S. Bank.

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Anthony Vasquez Evicts Full Circle Farm!


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Download High Quality Video: http://WikiWorldOrder.org/video/Occupy/June13-FullCircleFarm-Eviction.divx

Full Circle Farm is a beautiful ~3 acre property in north Sacramento OWNED by David “Tat” Chow where he has lived nearly his whole life. A community garden with budding fruits and veggies is/was thriving with several farm animals and hard-working and passionate people.

For the past two years the U.S. Bank has now been using forged and fraudulent documents, illegal and underhanded tactics, spousal fraud, as well as the failure of the Court system  to follow the law and protect our citizens from these corporate criminals, in order to gain possession of this landmark to the progressive community of California.” (Justice Reform Coalition)

This is nothing new to Tat, given his history fighting ~the establishment. Two decades ago, Tat’s parents were imprisoned for a few years for cultivating a couple ounces of marijuana. Back then, he had to fight — and pay $10,000 — just to keep the property from forfeiture. Tat is now “a medical marijuana advocate who legally cultivates for a half dozen patient users.” (Sacramento Bee)

Despite the ongoing legal debate on the property’s ownership, U.S. Bank auctioned the property to Anthony Vasquez (aka Richard Vasquez) for the giveaway price of $85,000 (including taxes and fees). Upon visiting the farm, he explained to me that he just intended to flip the property for a profit…clearly a noble cause compared to our occupied community garden. Vasquez could have joined Tat’s lawsuit against U.S. Bank, but chose not to. Tat offered Vasquez $120,000 — then $150,000 — so he could buy the property again, but those offers were denied. Vasquez has already listed the property hoping for a quick sale asking $300,000 and describing “an opportunity to steal a lot”.

Didn’t you hear about the rEVOLution? That kind of greed is so 20th century.

Tat’s legal proceedings continue, which he has been fighting Pro Se (without a real lawyer) with the help of the Justice Reform Coalition. But Mr. Vasquez was able to get the Sheriff’s department to evict Tat and the rest of us on June 13th without advance notice.

[video clips of eviction]

Three months ago, I moved to Full Circle Farm when some participants of Occupy Sacramento were joining to help prevent the illegal foreclosure of Tat’s land, and  grow organic (hopefully non-GMO) fruits and vegetables. The simple agricultural act is political both in helping feed ourselves healthy food and helping feed to those less fortunate than us living on the street. Some of our other roommates include a retired Vietnam veteran and an anti-war veteran of the Iraq War (2003).

[video of my phone call]

[video of our friendly confrontation]
Dear Mr. Vasquez and crew, please join us in our lawsuit against US Bank or give the property back to Tat…instead of trying to remove our community from this land. At least let us feed and water the animals and plants we care for on the farm. We all want and expect to move back into Full Circle Farm.

420 At The Farm (Apr 21, Noon-8pm)


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Sacred Fire (Santana Tribute), Zap (classic rock), Freight Train (hard rock), Natty Congo (Reggae), Solwave (Alternative), Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix Tribute)

OccupytheFarm Heads to Town


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Occupiers from the farm will be holding a demonstration March 27th, 2012.                       6pm on!                                                                                                                                   Sacramento City Hall and Sacramento County Jail

Come join us at the Sacramento City Council meeting, 6pm at City Hall where some Occupiers will express their opinions to the council before we all march to the Sacramento County Jail just a few blocks down I St. We will be peacefully demonstrating in opposition to conditions within the jail and police violations of rights, Constitutional and human.

We will be dancing, face painting, chalk drawing and peacefully raising our voices for change in our city. Please come join us!

Occupy kicks US Bank kicked out of UC Davis; Occupy Sac now focuses on same bank at foreclosure hearing Tuesday


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Download Video: /video/OccSac-Mar20-TatCourt.divx


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Contact:  Rev. Ashiya Odeye, Executive Director, Justice Reform Coalition, 916 893-9793 cell therev – AT – justicereformcoaltion.org       www.justicereformcoalition.org

attention: daybook/assignment desk

SACRAMENTO – US Bank – which Monday announced it would be leaving UC Davis because of protests by Occupy – is the target again Tuesday….this time in Sacramento as Occupy supports the fight to save a local farm from foreclosure and eviction.

A news conference is set for 1:15 p.m. TUESDAY (3/30/12) in front of the courthouse (800 9th St.). The hearing to get an injunction preventing the eviction begins at 1:45 p.m. in Dept. 54.

Late last week – as Occupy Sacramento was preparing to occupy the land to prevent eviction – the Sheriff’s Dept. announced it would not do an eviction as it previously had said it would, according to the Rev. Ashiya Odeye, a spokesperson for the Justice Reform Coalition.

Odeye said US Bank does not have “recognized title to the property and won’t be able to prove they have any standing in Court. In addition they have now committed fraud on the Court with multiple case filings.”

The property has been the home to a Sacramento area family for nearly 40 years, and a spiritual center for many others, according to  Odeye. He called US Bank a “corporate criminal.”

He said “It is time to bring attention to the crimes the banks and their servicers are committing . All across the country people are taking the opportunity to stand against the corporate gangsters that have ripped the hearts out of our communities, and caused a near meltdown of our economy and the quality of our lifestyles.”


Significant Victory! Eviction Process Postponed Pending Investigation


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We won another round!
The Sheriff pulled the eviction today. They said the writ wasn’t proper. They are concerned because the eviction was also set for a day they don’t do evictions. There
will be an investigation. I’ll be meeting with the Sheriff soon about it and other issue we have not relating to the Farm.

We filed and served our injunction today on the Bank’s attorneys. We will have a press conference and demo at the U.S. Bank Tower on Capitol Mall next week. We have a hearing on the injunction in dept. 54 on Tuesday at 1:45pm.

The recorder has said that they recognize Tat as the current owner of the property. The Bank’s documents were filed as an accommodation to the Bank, but it didn’t effect his title. This is what we have said all along and why the Bank has tried to sneak these UDs through. They don’t have a recognized title to the property and won’t be able to prove they have any standing in Court. In addition they have now committed fraud on the Court
with their multiple case filings. Not to mention all the criminal harassment and other illegal things they’ve done which they’ll have to answer in court now.

We have a strategy formulated and we’re making it work.

I’m out of town until Monday. The Farm Team is moving forward. We will now begin to plan more activities and events at the Farm. We are planing a party to celebrate this victory!! We still have a fight on our hands, but we’ve leveled the playing field a lot. OCCUPY THE FARM!!!!

The Rev

PLEASE HELP Peacefully Protect Full Circle Farm, March 18th at 6am!


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To be passed out at the Monsanto protest in Davis, March 16-17


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